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Our team is small yet mighty! We have a combined 122 years (ok, a little more than that) behind the chair. That's a lot of hairdos! With that kind of experience, we are all warmed up and ready to go, there isn't anything we haven't seen!!!

Meet Jill


Owner & Stylist

Jill has been a stylist in our area since she opened The Beehive in 2001. Starting her career under a world-renowned stylist who taught her many traditional cutting and styling methods to produce progressive designer looks, Jill has worked to hone these skills and apply them to the looks she creates for her guests every day. Jill uses these techniques and precision cutting methods to tailor the best look for the individual and teaches them how to easily recreate the style at home.

Meet Rich



Rich has been with the Beehive since its birth in 2001. Before that, he was a stylist in our area for an additional 20 years. Rich loves perfecting hair color to meet his guests' desires as well as providing them with great precision haircuts. With the years behind the chair that Rich has, there is not much he hasn't seen. He welcomes new faces and thoroughly enjoys working with his guests every day. 




Jessica has been with the Beehive since 2007 and has been in the industry in 2002. Jessica does a little bit of everything but is well known for her outstanding color techniques as well as her precision haircuts.  She is great with all types of hair, from short and fine, to thick and curly.  Jessica also specializes in styling hair.  Whether you are looking for a smooth, bouncy blowout or an updo for a special occasion, she has got you covered!  



Stylist & Salon Coordinator

Mindy grew up in a salon as her mom was a hairdresser and had her own shop. She has been a cosmetologist since 1991 and a part of the Beehive team since 2008. Mindy is passionate about providing excellent haircuts and styles. She excels at consulting with her guests, to be sure that she is fulfilling their wishes and needs to reach their hairstyle goals. 




Eric has been a stylist since 1976 has been with the Beehive since 2012.  Eric is renowned for his bridal work in this area.  With his impeccable attention to detail, he has created classic, beautiful styles for many brides over the years.  Along with his bridal work, Eric is also well known for his blow-dry and finishing work.   




 Donna has trained extensively and honed her skills all over the US since 1985. Donna can work on any kind of hair type to create a desired cutting-edge look that suits her guest. Her knowledge of hair color complements her techniques in Balayage, custom highlighting, and color correction. She is also a Brazilian Blowout specialist and loves to create an updo for any special occasion. 

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